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Tickets are Available!

Tickets are Available!

Tickets are Available!Tickets are Available!Tickets are Available!

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  Weatherford Music Festival will be hosting various festivals and benefits that will bring Fun and Music for the whole family to enjoy. Proceeds from the festivals will benefit people and the community of Weatherford, TX and surrounding area. "We want these festivals to benefit people right here in Our Community"!!

Weatherford Music Festival will be hosting a minimum of 3 major events per year.

"Weatherford Music Festival" will utilize all of Heritage Park. It will be a 1-2 day event from 10am-10pm. This festival will consist of three stages, vendors, activities, food, and fun for all ages. The main stage will have full bands including local and national acts. Bands will perform all day and have a big headlining act to finish. The second stage will consist of local musical theater groups, school bands, choirs, dance groups and such. The third stage will be an acoustic stage in the food park area and will have several local musicians performing all day. There will also be several vendors, a Kids Zone with "Kids Karaoke" and Dance games, bounce houses and activities. This festival will be a large and fun festival that will involve all types of music and genres. Proceeds from this festival will benefit local school music education programs, dance and theatre groups and future festivals.

"Weatherford Music Festival Presents": various benefit concerts. The first will be "Blues Fest for Breast Cancer" and will use only the Heritage Park Concert Venue. This will be an all day event at the main stage and will include local and national "Blues" acts. There will always be a Big Headlining Act. Proceeds from this festival will directly benefit women in the Weatherford, Tx area suffering from breast cancer and will also be contributing to mammography centers to help offer women of Parker County Free Breast Cancer Screenings! Future benefit festivals of different genres will benefit other local charities or issues such as, Veteran's programs, Animal Shelters, Foster kid programs, Alzheimer patients, food drives, blood drives and such. All benefit concerts will benefit Local Issues in and around Weatherford, TX.

"Weatherford Music Festival Presents":
"Praise Fest"
This festival will use only the Heritage Park Concert Venue (unless it outgrows the venue). It will include a morning service with various pastors/ministers and an all day Praise and Worship concert including national acts and various local acts, church groups, choir groups and such. This festival will be "Free To Attend" and will work with local Churches and groups. This is very likely to be a Huge Event and a great way for our community to Glorify God through Praise and Worship.

Thank you for your interest in Weatherford Music Festival! For more information, please visit our website:
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